The Drive Methodist Church, Ilford

Current Duty Rota

DateTimeService Led byVestry
Main Door
EA Door
2nd June11:15Rev'd Mmasape Thathane-TyolweniBrian GrinhamJo WrightMichelle GarnerSusan RuckesSusan RuckesRuth JoyceRochelle Inbakumar
Elizabeth Amah
(Ruth Joyce)
Ruth Joyce
9th June11:15Mr Eric BediakoRuth JoyceOli FadojutimiJoel InbakumarJohn HigginsRuth JoyceLorraine Bendon   Ruth Joyce
16th June11:15Dr Anthony RussellDiane FosterAnne DellowJanet WraggSusan RuckesPriya InbakumarAnne Dellow   Ruth Joyce
23rd June11:15Members Of The CongregationMichelle GarnerSusan RuckesJeremy FosterJohn HigginsJo WrightJanet Brunnen   Ruth Joyce
30th June11:15Mrs Lynn PackerJo WrightLorraine BendonAnne DellowJanet WraggAnne DellowRuth Joyce   Ruth Joyce
7th July11:15Rev'd Mmasape Thathane-TyolweniYinka FadinaAntonia OlujinmiJoel InbakumarAnne DellowSusan RuckesLorraine BendonOli Fadojutimi
Elizabeth Amah
(Rochelle Inbakumar)
Brian Grinham
14th July11:15Mr Robert DebrahBrian GrinhamSusan RuckesRuth JoyceElizabeth AmahRuth JoyceAnne Dellow   Brian Grinham
21st July11:15Mrs Foluso FamoyinAmy GabbidonBrian GrinhamJo WrightJohn HigginsPriya InbakumarJanet Brunnen   Brian Grinham
28th July11:15Rev'd Mmasape Thathane-TyolweniOli FadojutimiDiane FosterJeremy FosterJanet WraggJo WrightRuth Joyce   Brian Grinham
4th August11:15Members Of The CongregationAntonia OlujinmiRochelle InbakumarAnne DellowSusan RuckesAnne DellowLorraine Bendon   Andrew Taylor
11th August11:15Rev'd Mmasape Thathane-TyolweniDiane FosterLorraine BendonJohn HigginsJanet WraggSusan RuckesAnne DellowRuth Joyce
Elizabeth Amah
(Brian Grinham)
Andrew Taylor
18th August11:15Ms Florence AmoahRuth JoyceMichelle GarnerDiane FosterElizabeth AmahRuth JoyceJanet Brunnen   Andrew Taylor
25th August11:15Rev'd Mmasape Thathane-TyolweniMichelle GarnerBrian GrinhamJo WrightJohn HigginsPriya InbakumarRuth Joyce   Andrew Taylor

NOTE: If you swap or change any of your duties, please either telephone Brian Grinham or email details of the change
to so that the Rota can be updated. Thank you!

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